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[12]     June 10, 2015.                               GREECE is NOT PRESENT GREECE …



    I can’t keep silent about Greece. If have paid attention, I am the Greek.

I consider that Greeks are simply obliged to return that money which has given them.

Haven’t put by force, namely have met halfway – Greeks have asked, they were given. Conditions approached in a consent, that is as the famous hero spoke, “on nonresistance of the parties”. Now Greeks shout that they are bent, humiliate their advantage, offend the country – a cradle of world democracy etc. But allow – means how to guzzle on others means, so we even run, and to give – so a world cradle and draconian measures. And why took? Or didn’t know what should be given? So all conditions are recorded on paper.

It is simply ugly from Greeks, it is just a shame to me with them – to fall so low. Yes it is necessary to guzzle a shit now – and to pay off with debts. Notice – debts don’t demand immediately, even still give funds for their repayment.

It is necessary to work to receive the corresponding money. That money which gave too not were on a silver platter – someone earned them. And what the referendum – not clear will give: the debt all the same will remain, it is necessary to give for what will vote – not clearly. Tsipras has just decided to be turned out and show somehow that he after all though some politician. But he is the ordinary populist who on the cheap slogan has come to the power, but who isn’t knowing what now to do and how not to lose face. He all the same could change nothing initially – it was clear to the sober politician at once. And what don’t declare – the public debt will remain forever even if not to pay it – it will always hang psychological freight until not to extinguish it.

Our mass media too, as usual, can’t give a situation as it really happens. It is felt, however, as well as at all speakers and other officials that they don’t speak, and report – the look someone involuntarily looks for all the time, such impression that the image all the time is present somewhere near. God forbid to tell something not so. Very much reminds someone and some times.

At first we were given that Greeks hold a referendum for an exit from the eurozone, then for transition to national currency, now for that to repay debts on draconian conditions, or on preferential – why then a referendum in general – it isn’t clear. It is clear, for what ordinary Greeks and without referendum will vote. It is necessary to be the full idiot to agree to draconian option. Respectively, Tsipras is afraid to operate the state, is simply banal wants to cover the back before the people, same unclear, reminds the political prostitute more. And instead of to repaying debts, would organize process on their search better – euros completely couldn’t be gone in three years of 240 billion (it is even terrible to say). Someone has had them. Even by simple calculations of at least 150 billion were just gone. To find their difficulties doesn’t represent. Even the cashed money too not is on a silver platter – they are received in bank by strictly certain persons. And if to organize searches the gut is thin – is afraid to go against the mighty of this world and has no weight in law enforcement agencies, then it is necessary to lay the blame on creditors that Tsipras impudently also does moreover and the people adjust. Nevertheless, if Greeks want to remain the normal nation – debts should be repaid on any.

Though OHI, though not OHI.

You loves bread and butter – earn on it, but don’t take out it from others mouth.









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