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[ 13 ]     25 June 2016.                         SELF-promotion

Announced his candidacy for the elections of deputies to the state Duma 2016. About the campaign I will inform.


A statement of self-nomination  



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Flyer (download)     Листовка на выборы

листовка на выборы




[12].  June 10, 2015.            GREECE is NOT PRESENT GREECE

ФЛАГ ГРЕЦИИ     The prime minister of Greece declared holding a referendum in the country on July 5 this year





[11]    On April 09, 2015          ANYTHING NEW



[10]   March 11, 2015.             MINSKY Deadlock




       The Minsk agreements became a meeting result in Minsk 2/12/2015.

Following the results of an intense, but fruitful meeting of “Norman Quartet” in Minsk “The declaration of the President of the Russian Federation, the President of Ukraine, the President of the French Republic and the Chancellor of the Federative Republic of Germany in support of the Package of measures for implementation of the Minsk agreements accepted on February 12, 2015” has been published.



[9]          On March 10, 2015       “СИЗО (a pre-trial detention center)    (in nature))”

сизо обложка титул






I have written like the book about life, that is the movements, to a pre-trial detention center of that and others, that is sidelets (special squads) on the one hand (it is possible to add — a fence) and their security guards (employees) — with another. All approximately know that there something like that occurs, and so there is a wish to know — that. So, just in case and just curiously, that is it is interesting. In the form of memoirs, analytics and for the general understanding of processes. Will not be superfluous. Better not useful.

А6, 370 pages with illustrations. The price is 600 rub of

Several pages from from there (from the book):


“Real simple movements

“To rise. Hands. Leave in a corridor. Facing a wall. Quietly. To turn. Have sat down. To rise. Have turned. Have gone. Boshki was lowered”.

     The described period 1998-2001 though, I think, and now hardly something has changed: experts aren’t on a silver platter, and to break thinking of existing – there is nobody. The management leaves created, grown and tempered by the system, assured of what everything does correctly, and, above all – accustomed to have and not wishing the nobility of other opinions.

One of high heads beginning the activity in the establishment described below and who was considered as one of the best and perspective (it is necessary to pay tribute – and was, but It should be noted — in understanding of the person of SYSTEM) has decided that it is necessary to change the current situation. In system the thinking of the person is limited to the most operating system, and the fact that from outside it seems to the normal person wild, in system is perceived by an everyday occurrence, and improvement of these phenomena – at all a reformatorstvo. And for a framework of system, that is, generally for all state, for his population on which existence the high management is informed, but it is strict on classification of the small systems existing in the state, – the thinking doesn’t leave at all. And people of system, – old and habitual in this case expression – small screws, and will be suitable for specifically taken system and that more abruptly more – employees, – as sounds! – at once you feels goosebumps in a certain place — directly are proud of this situation.

The normal people getting to system (means for work, it is necessary to notice — incidentally, – on ignorance or mistakes in work of a human resources department, on need, in sense forcedly) long there aren’t late: or leave, or they should accept living conditions in system (otherwise the system will just crush them), what not all incline to and accept the first option. Though as the classic of a genre, separately spoke and when conversation comes on the universal subjects which aren’t concerning questions of system, most of employees quite adequate soberminded people with similar, strangely enough, sense of humour. Some even tried really to improve something, but as I already spoke, or you with system, or “against us”.

And so, one of perspective and high heads somehow declared (then it was fashionable to declare it) her reforming. By guilty business it was thought — there now at last will begin to reduce really the number of establishments (below I “will prove”, speaking language of system, this thought). But all has sounded to, frankly speaking, on the contrary (gather air and hold the breath, be adjusted on unexpected thought – so, have gone slowly): “We will build new establishments!”

There now, thank God, also was everything on the places, and that unexpectedly gushed emotions in the form of the overflowing pride of the country can stop also heart.

*  *  *

Now, if I have given a hint and I have told “And” as promised “I will prove” and I will tell “B”, so to speak besides language of system (and again it is necessary to pay it tribute – the words in it aren’t wasted, – it is necessary to be responsible for the words): the boy has told — the boy has made. Sit down (though in system it is accepted to speak the person not of “villages” so far — “sit down”) more conveniently, grab more strong a chair as what you will hear now, the normal person won’t understand at once (some time will be necessary for judgment), and can sharply lose balance and fall from a chair that is probably fraught with consequences for health. Gather once again (once again because just already gathered and in general next time you can gather at discretion – there will be enough moments, and every time to warn — simply not to respect the interlocutor, – doesn’t understand type itself) more air in lungs not to choke with surplus of suddenly gushed feelings and prepare (an obligatory pause 3 seconds: time, two, three, has exhaled) —

in our penal system of people sit down ACCORDING TO THE PLAN!!!

    One more pause – reaches, reaches, reaches … No, doesn’t go in, – read once again, once again, once again.

Specially I will begin with a new line to select the provision. I not the madman, in this case not drinking have also not made a reservation, and you haven’t misheard and your eyes don’t lie and absolutely correctly display on a retina written in black and white — according to the plan (the plan means not concepts of a type of drugs, and literally, that is in advance formed and predicted situation). Has reached? Well it is fine, let reaches on the course. We will continue the movement.

However, the plan exists also in all other systems in the form of the stupid reporting like “sticks” which should be observed and to improve constantly, – many have understood me, especially experts. On it I still will stop – separate not less interesting generation of system, and not only this one.

Once again, – in this case under the word “plan” (I will repeat, that to you after all gradually who can’t still “grok”, acquire this advanced provision of system), – not the widespread concept of drug, but the concept, standard among normal people, of a type of the action predicted in advance, events, etc. means. And so, I hollow once again, – people at us still sit down according to the plan.

There is a so-called limit of fullness of establishment (what scientific expressions, directly internally you feels how you joins scientific community, form thought at the level of AN, – not in sense of high flight, and in sense of scientific institute). What is it, now I will explain for dull. Each establishment of system is calculated on a certain number of cheloveko-places (one more worthy expression, what care of people, directly tears well up from affection — than not sanatorium), proceeding from architectural and construction opportunities of this institution. According to this situation the service personnel of establishment, that is employees contain. And if special squads (read CONVICTS) there is less a put limit (I don’t cease to admire the text, – scientific approach, the genius of office-work), then and the personnel should be put somewhere. And where? … It it is necessary to think (God forbid), – and all living people, all have families, children, etc. And what, it is asked, to think – it is necessary to put. Better with a good stock. For example, if establishment is designed for 600 people, then let sit 1000, and it is better than 1200. And if there is no such quantity, means “badly you work”. From evening to morning there is a report to higher governing bodies — “where and how many”. If there is an opportunity to sort quantity, then sidelets are transported from there where there is a stock there where arise with this question of a problem. Both people strain, and the equipment is wound (by the way, it is possible and vice versa, – the sense won’t change) since one end (as if better to be expressed to generalize and to rest against a special case) the region on another; extent of the region can reach enough long distances. Both work is humming, and huge funds go to sand (type accustom). Also “movement” continues. And as all of us know the movement – it is life. About result I won’t remind, remember as at the satirist there.

And if there comes the moment when there aren’t enough cash special squads, then courts are connected to this process. Children, fill that there at you in a stock in production – give. If there aren’t enough “capacities”, then offices are connected and district police officers – to collect and fill up.

And here the normal person has wild on the simplicity, but quite logical question – “and if there are no criminals?” The answer already sounded above. But that you didn’t suffer searches if don’t remember what there is a speech, not all grab the main point (business means in a general sense so far, but not in private production) on the course I will remind a meeting (get used to specific turns, – they will be a lot, every time to explain – you forget and a lot of time and sense in general leaves it is clear if to include a little imagination) – “badly work!”

* * *

View of СИЗО (вышкаa pre-trial detention center) (I won’t specify specifically what not to offend other same places where there could be all too most as classics of a genre noticed — it seems I repeat) from the street (all right, I will specify something, – Lenina, after all the place what, purposely you won’t think up). In the foreground the tower described in the text.

Small fence with taste, the same wire heap over him. Directly behind a tower the case No. 2 is visible. Lower behind a fence, that is a protection, roofs of a stolyarka, garage, and like a slesarka are visible. To the left of a tower behind a column the window like club sticks out. Under him on the first floor – type the gym. As you can see everything is valid without excesses, those – architectural, so to speak, in nature. I won’t specify appearance – you see. Inside all same and even much worse – don’t doubt, remember already read. The sign very symbolically hangs – “Entrance is prohibited” though he treats the road and to an institution passing nearby of any relation has no. However, how to tell …





In it not, I will be afraid to tell the room, is, again I won’t be afraid to tell, – a first-aid post, more precisely, – type a first-aid post.







No comments, I think, and think. Yes, just in case: the black pipe is not a refuse chute …




Dads is the main suppliers of cool “daughters” on a zone in especially large sizes. By cars deliver. Thanks him, in general nobody was offended. Persons are what. spiritualized, your mother, more precisely – the father and the son, well and so on. The type of gate (those – the main internal, in them the gate, too that through which some convicts are released is guessed) and walls modern, something changes – have painted gate under classical design, well and walls have revetted with a stone. (In this case technical progress), whatever you may say, not to stop the movement. Though the hanging snivels of wires on a background speak for themselves, well and for system too, – where you will put it.

* * *

Yes, this masterpieces.

“I clever a thing will tell one. Only you don’t take offense”. And can really and better – that the second time to come around desires didn’t appear any more and before something to do – that ten times have thought. BUT as practice – our people not choosy, got used to endure with firmness all hardships and deprivations shows (deprivations, obviously, has gone this word from here and literally; we and all wars have won, because have got used to be at war in shit, as speak — in inhuman conditions, whereas and in the war the corresponding conditions for normal life were required for all other armies) and therefore the place is sacred, – well further you know.

And the last. Don’t think that I gloat over. Just there is a wish that though something changed for the better and was as it is accepted to speak in such cases — “as at people”. And that to change something, it is necessary to have a real idea of the events.

Well that – as our classics of cinema speak:

I wish success in work and great happiness in private life.

Thanks for attention.”



[8]       On September 09, 2014                     WITHOUT OPTIONS



TsT 1 channel, program of news 21.00. “After crash of the Malaysian Boeing in the territory of Ukraine two versions were considered: the first — the plane is shot down by the Ukrainian rocket Beech installation, the second — is hit by the Ukrainian military plane which has been noticed in 5 km from the Boeing”.\


[7]       On September 05, 2014              OHRENET is SIMPLE

танк кнлонна


On television intervention of Russia openly admits on

territories of Ukraine.

путин император



We will be in Kiev in two weeks.

Putin dictates the world terms.




You wants to become the hero — be ready to the formulation “POSTHUMOUSLY”.



[6]        On September 01, 2014                                  RUSSIA to SPIT

The Russian armored machinery continues to cross the Ukrainian border illegally. The management continues to claim that there is no Russian armored machinery and manpower in the territory of Ukraine.


[5]      On August 22, 2014                                HUMANITARIAN HORSE



Putin has given command to humanitarian freight to follow across the territory of Ukraine to the oppositional, so-called, self-proclaimed areas, without the permission of Ukraine. And че to ask her who is she such?



[4]    July 30, 2014.         AGAIN HAVE us, it is SO POSSIBLE AND to GET USED …

грады 2


The USA declared that Russia uses Armed Forces against Ukraine. UN officials stayed in the territory of military operations and border territories of Russia and have drawn a conclusion — Russia is guilty!!!




[3]    July 17, 2014.             PLANE CRASH IN the ZONE of MILITARY OPERATIONS




The Boing 777 plane over the territory of Ukraine, in a zone especially dangerous to flights has failed. Previously — by someone it is brought down.

[2]      On June 24, 2014,            QUIETLY AGAIN it HAS not TURNED OUT 19:16 … 




The president of Russia Vladimir Putin is on an official visit in Austria. Today he has held negotiations with the Austrian colleague Heinz Fischer. After negotiations statements have been made. The Russian President has told also about the letter to the Federation Council in which he asks to cancel earlier granted permission for introduction of the Russian troops to Ukraine. “My request to give such permission has been connected with events in the Crimea. We used our armed groups to protect freedom of will among Crimeans. Original of article: I Will mark out, the text of performance not full. The full statement concerning stay of the Russian troops in Ukraine didn’t manage to be found anywhere. Dashingly work.


[1]           March 05, 2014.                    UKRAINE HAS BLOWN UP!!!

In Ukraine the political crisis which has shipped the country in chaos has burst. On a surface the states of a problem and a contradiction saved for years and aggravated with an economic situation and first of all nationalist sense have emerged. Today the country has no “wheel”, but it is more “sail” than enough. And sails of the unclear directions and unknown formations. Who and what demands that wants to have what result expects – nothing clearly. CHAOS.


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