For the people able to think


For the people able to think

It is published 9/3/2012.



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Having analysed programs of all candidates for President of Russia it is possible to draw one conclusion – any of them doesn’t solve the problems which were overripe in the country and in the world in general which need to be solved today, otherwise will be late.

The proposed solutions extraordinary, non-standard and much will seem unpopular. But you don’t hurry with conclusions, examine and well consider them.

This program is not dogma – all proposals and decisions must be taken to the discussion.



In this regard:
1.Domestic policy:

The first.






The tax system as the tool of enrichment of the state has become obsolete.

The state has to earn and provide itself. He for this purpose has enough opportunities and resources. Let creates the enterprises as it is done by businessmen. The person has to be exempted from process, humiliating for him, – to give earned by the work. Why to pay people a salary and right there to select her part. It is better not to pay extra this part at once, than to humiliate people with requisitions, such legalized racket (what then to ask from reketyor if the state itself sets an example). In due time, when the state wasn’t able to earn and use the resources, it has found an easy way out

– to gather the citizens who can earn. Therefore all natural resources and raw materials have to belong to the state. So-called effective managers in the form of alligarkh (in such edition from the word “alligator”), it is possible to leave, – let work for advantage to the state if you want.

The existing tax system has become obsolete. Taxes so many that not all can understand, for as when to pay. The enterprises in constant reporting fever.

What is taxes – it is desire well to sponge what the power cunning holds back.

To cancel all taxes. For the earth – a rent. Hired workers receive a pure salary, without any taxes. The state has to stop the legalized racket and learn to provide itself. For this purpose he has enough resources. In this regard – all natural resources have to belong to the state, it shouldn’t elicit for them any part in a type of tax. Yes present alligarkh can operate, but get paid for work, but not use all profit on the discretion and for own pleasure.

The state has to learn to earn itself, but not to gather the citizens for improvement of their welfare and increase of their standard of living, – it looks a little absurdly.

Not people to cut under the budget, and the budget under people. The budget is formed, proceeding from opportunities of his exhaustion of those under whom it is formed. A formula, of course, it is banal simple – more expenses more income. It would seem and is clear, – it is natural to the sane person. But there is one but – the income is formed not at the expense of profit on work, and due to collecting of taxes on those who work and earn.

The second.




      All officials, starting with the president, the government, the Duma and so on to transfer to a minimum wage + the transaction, worthy, but minimum, identical to all positions and ranks. You want to earn – go to work for yourself. To renew a scale of charges of payment of working positions.

The simplest worker can’t get paid less, than the state official.

To reduce the number of government employees. To liquidate the organizations duplicating and feeding each other. Technical progress has reached such level when in a state institution it is enough for operation of one good computer, one expert and the head for the general management and control.

The system has produced so many officials that is unclear in general who works in the industry and agriculture. If from the total number of the population of Russia to take away 17 million officials, all law enforcement agencies, children, pensioners, doctors, teachers, 13 million disabled people, then there is practically no people left who really make something.

— all officials, starting with the president to transfer to the minimum wage + the transaction. You wants to make good money – go to work for yourself. The one who works for himself can’t earn less, than the official. To reduce all public institutions, to close duplicating. Now one person and the computer can replace all establishment. Where you won’t come into establishment – darkness of offices, as much the officials who are quietly displaying “kerchief”. Want to do nothing. And why. A good salary from taxpayers money + for each comma it is possible to milk them. But with such policy there will be nobody to pay soon.

All officials are transferred to state providing + the transaction, starting with the president and finishing the smallest on places. The limit is allocated according to the electronic card at a rate of a minimum wage. Service of the card without any cash. In case of an expense of a monthly limit before term, the card is blocked prior to the beginning of the next month. Crediting, as usual, through banks.

In a state machinery the official has no right to give help to friends and relatives to operating time, using the official position, and friends and relatives — to address to him with such requests.

To define category of motor transport for state institutions, to withdraw superfancy of private use of officials.

To stop giving to drink to the commission – to tell government employees the facts.


The third.




Reform (as this word has bothered) change of judicial system.

Replacement of subjective refereeing by independent artificial intelligence.

To exclude influence of any human factor on the solution of human destiny.

The parties introduce electronic versions of the documents in the computer: charge the, protection – the. The computer analyzes them and issues the decision. The judge needs to vise the decision and to organize further actions for his execution.

To replace the existing subjective judicial system where the judge individually solves who is right who is guilty on the personal belief (it is in general the wild formulation and the attitude towards the person as the judge just can treats the defendant on one simple, good and ineradicable reason in any way – he is a person too) objective – to introduce artificial intelligence.

While judges and law enforcement agencies don’t be connected (that is are completely separated) with housing and communal services and utility payments as it doesn’t provide their full independence. Apartments have to be departmental, without payment municipal (and other connected with constant dependence) services. To exclude the friendly relations between law enforcement agencies, judges and prosecutors and other. While they together have tea, fair justice won’t be. Not to fill specialized institution by the number of service personnel. To lead the existing establishments to requirements of the international convention.


The fourth.





Reform (again) change of a financial system.

Transition to electronic money.

In a financial system to pass from cash completely to clearing settlements. Each person has to have the electronic card and the kartreyder (reading the device) for mutual settlements. Today’s level of technical progress allows to make it.

To gradually replace monetary units specific. To abolish all currencies as need for them just disappears.

Technical capability has come to pass to electronic money. To each person the electronic card and a kartreyder which by the sizes can be now no more mobile phone and is free be located in a wallet. All calculations, including between citizens only according to cards. What difference, than to make mutual settlements – pans, cows, pieces of paper, – all this conventions. The electronic card does this size really conditional. Need for cash, their service and the expenses connected with it disappears.

To compensate all gone deposits to Soviet period according to that ratio which existed at the time of a contribution.

Pensioners also haven’t managed to use everything that have earned, leave to relatives. The spouse has the right to receive unused pension of the died spouse.

To lead all states to identical welfare. Worthy life for all people.

To stop aspiration to GDP growth. From year to year GDP has to correspond to the number of the population reasonably.

To loop money turnover and the made goods. Overstocking conducts to bubbles which are periodically resolved by economic crises (at socialism crises weren’t because of constant deficiency, the system has failed because of disbalance of economy, appearance of the specific princelings aspiring though to a small, but absolute power).




General database

To avoid an economic crisis it is necessary to loop internal economy (except agriculture), but not to depend any on export. If export suddenly fails it (is not required), the internal economy won’t fall as functions independently, so, there will be no crisis also per se.

For creation of workplaces it is necessary to create logically accompanying sequences of productions in the regions – closed, promoting, following, consecutive, branching with each other. To see a logical cycle who to whom to see necessary in the region, the country, and then to come for export. Even if all export will fail, the enterprises have to remain self-profitable.

уе to bring quantity into accord with GDP. All goods have to be marked and when using to be destroyed and be written off from the general database with the notification the enterprise for release of this production.

The quantity of food products proceeding from population — aren’t present need any more, will vanish. + Stocks of the food, equipment and essentials for 10-15 years on a case of unforeseen circumstances.


The fifth.




Cancellation of draft army.

To carry out training for VS on the job. In present conditions it is quite possible to prepare in one month. Everything that the soldier has to be able – to handle the weapon and to execute commands of military leaders for a need case. Professional military have to do the rest. To restore military departments for preparation of officer specialties of a stock. On places the existing military registration and enlistment offices can be engaged in preparation. Across the territory of the state there have to be several rapid response teams (doesn’t concern troops of antispace defense).

— The army in a present state has become obsolete. The appeal needs to be cancelled as an outdated way of military training of citizens.

As if it not strange sounded, Russia needs to enter the NATO alliance with his renaming into the International Security forces and not to resist to him, and to solve problems together with him including non-interference to internal affairs.

To stop building of arms and test of the powerful weapon and to try to obtain it from all states of the planet. To try to obtain merging of all armed forces with change of their functional tasks.

Transition to All-planetary forces of law enforcement.

To stop all wars on the planet, to learn to agree by merging of all existing states in one planetary organization. Borders remain only on the card in a virtual look. People have the right of free movement on the planet, this process has to be controllable. To expose in mass media (Internet) the grounds provided in free use with the built houses and infrastructure, for persons interested to go in for agriculture. The earth is given in use without the right of sale. When moving to other place the earth is brought in free fund for the subsequent use by other person interested.

Free movement and moving of the people on the grounds allocated for this purpose with the states which are transferred to them to all the time of use by it and lives on him. At desire of the person to move to the new place – the site is transferred to the state which in turn exposes him as released for further settling. To stop thereof any territorial claims.

The planet has to become the territory of general use, redistribution of resources for their uniform use by all population of the planet. Not to be frightened globalizations in sense of association of the planet, but not increase in the companies.

The states should unite, but not to be at war.

Transition to uniform language of communication, we will allow Esperanto. Doctors of all planet understand each other and nothing terrible and interstine occurs. Even the religion recognizes that god to divide and quarrel people has allocated them with a miscellaneous languages.

To teach people to talk with each other, but not to be at war. Even among “terrorists” there are no idiots.



The sixth.


          Foreign policy

on rapprochement of the states. Calculation of the general economic activity of the planet, necessary for the population, redistribution of production for the population of the area of the planet, (agricultural) taking into account a source of raw materials, distribution of streams of agricultural products centrally.

Gradual transition to general economy.

Management of general economy is performed through the Central Information Centre which opens in each state and passes serially annually into other state. The general management is performed by Council of Presidents of the States.

Creation of uniform economic system and adjustable redistribution of resources on Earth.



The seventh.





Abolition of all nations and nationalities.

Pride of the separately taken nation inevitably conducts to arrogance and arrogance, brings up sense of superiority over other people and finally leads to nationalism, confrontation and the armed opposition.

Remember, we already passed it!

Association of all people in the uniform all-planetary accessory which isn’t giving privileges of any of all existing nations or nationalities is necessary.

At the heart of all conflicts there is an ethnic question behind which religious ambitions often are. Also ignite these processes not the people, and individuals who skillfully use the situation heated in this or that region for change of the power which has begun to get out of their hand.

Abolition of all existing religions on the planet. The religion is no other than aspiration of the person to a freebie (hummer). The person doesn’t wish to use any efforts for achievement of the result demanded by him. He asks, begs to make someone it for him, but for him, without making at the same time any efforts unless sometimes diligent sacrificing the forehead which, obviously, for other purposes isn’t necessary to him. And religious figures crafty use it, creating the ancestral lands and, by the way, earning at the same time quite good means.

The religion from spiritual food has turned into the national and political force which dictates living conditions and divides people. Each of a set of the existing religions considers itself correct and proves that her god only and all-powerful, but any yet has never proved the fact of his existence.

The religion leads up believers (and everyone the) to extreme fanaticism, pushing together them on the contradictions existing between them foreheads sooner or later that leads inevitably to opposition, and often — armed. People lose a human image and turn into animals. The religion is yesterday. It is a way in anywhere. It is necessary to pay tribute to Americans – they have turned religion into an interesting entertainment and treat god as to a children’s toy to which have got used and it is a pity to throw out with which are played and have a rest really soul.

      In days of the general tragedies (state, planetary) to cancel all entertainment programs on television and broadcasting – only news according to the tragedy and the given help, change of a situation, to organize the general help of all states. Losses of the companies – on a forsmazhor.

To put territories of disaster in order by common efforts of all states.

To remove nuclear power plants in safe proximity from settlements – at least 500 km.

To pass to renewable and harmless power sources.

— In laws to delete links to other documents (… “and also other acts of the Russian Federation” …), a complete description of everything that has to be,

New laws if they worsen situation (though it contradicts the constitution), extend only to those who fall under them from the moment of the introduction of the law in force, the rest can’t worsen situation, that is they work under old laws.

      Laws have to be led up to citizens under a list. Ignorance of the law exempts from liability.

The state creates itself hothouse conditions, shifting everything from itself to the citizens (though in army always orders are led up under a list and so far the person for him hasn’t undersigned, he on him doesn’t answer).

The adopted laws have to be provided (for example, a daylight for cars – re-equipment at the expense of the state). Ignorance of the law exempts from liability. All adopted laws have to be led up under a list as they lead up orders in army and at the enterprises (in the same place to lead up also laws).

To clean from laws double punishments – only one.

In laws not to refer to other laws, and to list everything in full.

To bring to logical perfection indistinct formulations in the Constitution.

Art. 55 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation of the p. 2 – “isn’t”, the formulation has to be concrete – It “is forbidden”.

— item 3 – isn’t written, than can be limited – that is all

Art. 56 p.1 – “can”

Ч.2 – “can”

Art. 60 – “can” — enters …

To put in prisons only the turncoats who are purposely committing crimes.

The maniacs attempting upon human life — the death penalty without any accounting and conclusions of medical examination.






Corruption — two options:

— only lifelong with confiscation of all property, including also at close relatives;

— the death penalty with confiscation.

It is possible to win against corruption and infringement of human life in two ways. The first and the main – the appeal to internal consciousness, conscience of each person. We are born all normal people. When the speech comes about mother or children — to us the human shape comes back. Why we lose him in communication among themselves. And it is necessary to begin from above. People can be understood – looking as the top fattens, below too want also here and now – and than we it is worse? Fight for a place in the sun conducts to the laws of the jungle – everyone for itself. New correct people won’t come on a silver platter, it is necessary to work with real-life. I am sure that all will understand. To appoint a concrete time interval – three months and to warn. If through the specified term nothing changes for the better, to pass to the second way – for corruption and infringement of human life in any manifestation (since a fight, that is from any unauthorized physical contact) – the death penalty. Now the person doesn’t feel irrevocable responsibility for a crime therefore allows thought – lifelong imprisonment it after all not deprivation of life, but only restriction of freedom, that is it is possible to live.

To stop practice of a variation of the amount of punishment. Only one without any forks. The person has to know precisely — for as how many.

To clean a cemetery from Red Square, the country worships some corpse, let and great, from outside it looks wildly and ridiculously. To transfer him to laboratory and let study process to whom it is necessary. Even Pharaohs didn’t dare to bury themselves in the downtown, allocated themselves the territory in the desert. To leave the Kremlin as the museum.

The Kremlin has to remain as the museum. To transfer all the rest to the certain area for Moscow. Apartments to deputies only office. I have finished term — I have told to the following. Are chosen once both for one term and without separation from the place of the main work.

Let’s take a detached view of ourselves what Russia is similar to and as it is perceived – it is horror and the evil of all planet. We still worship some corpse, and we accept on a cemetery foreign delegations, savages. which at any time can destroy all live on the planet. Not for nothing all on Earth know that mind not to understand Russia.

To transfer residences of the president, the government, the Duma and other departments for the territory of Moscow. In the same place to construct departmental housing for employees. Apartments are given only for operating time in the device. After the termination of powers are transferred to the following without any leaving.

All elective officials are elected only once in life and only for one term. Carry out the powers conferred to them without separation from the main work. This scheme is tested at the Union and has perfectly proved.

Race for power reminds fuss in manure when opponents want to drop each other in shit though look not better.

The management has got bogged down in daily routine, solving unnecessary and minor problems: meetings, meetings, flights, the solution of global questions, but with advantage only for. World politics reminds the buzzing ant hill – it seems all do something, are busy with something, but visible results (that is real improvement of life of people) isn’t present. From where there is a hum and that it means nobody understands.

That we build and where we go – isn’t defined. And if there is no accurate purpose, then the people don’t know, than to live what to aspire to.

Heads for themselves shouldn’t vote. Shouldn’t have any actions and securities. For the period of civil service not to have acquaintances and friends.

To enter electronic system of vote and petition.

To replace parties with public organizations. The joint Council where all heads of societies will enter to develop the common decisions accepted for all people, but not for the majority. Also it isn’t necessary to claim that there are no such decisions which will be pleasant to all. It is a cunning trick. Such decisions are. It is necessary to look for them.

Parties it no other than contradictory groups of people.

I in general against any parties, they stratify people on so-called socially active and the leading gray weight. Heads of parties by means of socially active keep in power, divide her among themselves, conduct for her continuous fight for improvement of the situation of the sponsors supporting them and where here you will get to — the money invested in them should be fulfilled, – and not for improvement of life of the people at all, – on it there is no time.

Such number of parties can’t just be – it leads to division of the people and opposition between groups – the such states in the state.

Aspiration of individuals to a top of the power using us as weight is stratified by the people on so-called electorate. The party has to consider interests of one and all (segments of the population language doesn’t turn to say) people, each person, but not the majority.

Parties that other as the unions of some small groups of the people trying to make well for themselves, but not for all, by a peculiar ladder to a top of the power.






General higher free education.

To cancel grants. General higher education, but at the expense of parents, as at school.

About improvement of life of the people we hear long ago and even desperately we hope for it and we wait for it from the date of creation of the world.

Strengthening of economic and political power of separately taken states will inevitably lead to the international confrontation, fierce proof who is stronger. Creation of the separate unions of the states, alliances and the other resisting organizations, and the fact that they are created finally for this purpose it isn’t necessary to doubt, will inevitably lead to strengthening of cold war, opposition of the points of view, as a result split of the world on the coalitions and warring parties.

The predicted result – the third world and last war on this planet. After her nothing live on the earth will remain. Consequences of nuclear winter which will be caused by this war are already described long ago and hundreds of times and all are well-known.

But, seemingly, it doesn’t concern big politicians. They try not to pay attention to it, considering that strengthening power of the states they won’t allow it and before just shouldn’t reach. And suddenly, and if? … you already know the answer.

It is possible even to believe in sincerity of their intentions, but it is already not enough today.

Nothing can be appreciated more expensively, than human life, but people and in large quantities are sent today for extermination of each other, trying to prove the case a victory. And all high heads consider it as the compelled need. With it it is necessary to finish immediately, measures need to be taken already now, to wait for time it wasn’t necessary to improve differently situation there will be already nobody, we won’t be any more.

Resources of the planet are ruthlessly destroyed. The earth is stuffed with nuclear power plants, tests of the powerful weapon are constantly carried out. Really we haven’t enough Chernobyl and Fokusima. Or we will be stopped only by the planet which has become torn on pieces. And once Earth can not sustain. But prefer not to think of it now. And how there will live our children?

Generally, it is time to finish all this mess. It is necessary to put the country and the planet in order.







It is time to change the world.

If not to make it today, tomorrow can be already late. And the main thing — is irreversible

Politicians have played self-affirmation and race for power — so they want to make to us well, directly fight in blood for this power. Strengthening of so-called power of separately taken states will inevitably lead to confrontation between them, to strengthening of race of arms, to unleashing of world war which will lead of mankind to death. Consequences of such war are known for a long time – life on the planet will just disappear.

It is necessary to combine all efforts for a preservation of peace on Earth, so life of mankind, the life, the children and future generations.

All mankind has to hear and understand that time of changes, time of association of all people on the planet, despite the held position, the status and personal ambitions for rescue of the planet has come. Otherwise we will ruin her also to us and our children just will have no place to live.

It is time to change the attitude of the power and its device towards simple people, to change system, system of values.

If in system isn’t present guilty for her action, means it is necessary to change system.

In the program of a problem of foreign and domestic policy are very close therefore these directions are accurately not divided.

It is impossible to consider position of Russia separately from other states of the planet already.

For the country it is necessary to define the accurate purpose: where we go also that we build. Today’s aimless swaying decomposes people, in a pursuit of magnificent life, looking as the so-called elite fattens, they seek to live also today and now at any cost – than we it is worse, I too so want in Rio de Janeiro in white trousers … Therefore take bribes, steal, live in one afternoon losing human shape more and more, are ready to sell for money the mother.

And in general, they can’t be blamed for it. All of them in soul normal people (I don’t take an exception, and I am guided by the rule). Are simply put in the corresponding conditions which are created by the existing system. The system forms the person, and the system is formed by the management. It is necessary to blame system, system of values. And she should be changed.

There has come time of basic changes and not only in the state, but also in the world in general.

It is necessary to look for essentially new non-standard decisions which will calm people and stabilize a situation on the planet.

There has come the historical moment of creation of the new society, society uniting all planet, all mankind.

This historical formation is already defined by scientists as communism. But this word causes hostility in many as compromised itself. Let this society will be called somehow, we will allow HUMANITY, – it isn’t so important. The main thing – people have to see clearly that we build where we move.

The country has no purpose – where go also that we build. Time to recognize has come — development of humanity has approached creation of communism. Communism not as attribute and the name of party, and as historically public formation formulated by scientists. This process not matter of one day, but the movement in this direction and achievement of the end result – really feasible task for mankind. Russia can become a kernel of this process.

The purpose – to construct communism, but not as some political force and as a historical formation. Further – the purpose of preservation of vital balance of the planet, development of options of preservation of mankind on a case of possible accident that it is possible to undertake if the sun begins to cool down.

— To define accurately that we build what we aspire to what state we build. The main idea — to build the free state with measured rate of life. To try to obtain general merging of the states on the basis of the general management of use of resources of the planet, transition from real borders to virtual. There are leaders of the states which resolve the general issues of economic mutually distribution of resources. To plan accurate temporary boundaries for achievement of these purposes. To break into stages.

1 stage – to achieve general understanding and aspiration to association of the leaders of all states of the planet – 2015;

2 stage – Development of general rules, laws and procedures – 2020. Abolition of all nations and nationalities, acceptance of uniform accessory. Transition to general money (in the form of specific units) in electronic form.

3 stage – Creation of a general network of interaction and necessary structures, the general database of natural resources of the planet, including agricultural. The accounting of all enterprises on the planet as how many make – 2025. Transition to uniform language of communication.

4 stage – gradual resettlement of persons interested on the lands offered to settling, creation there infrastructures, elimination of real borders – 2035.

5 stage – establishment of the general economic territory on the basis of interaction of governing bodies of the states.

Maintenance of vital balance of the planet which resources are ruthlessly and shortsightedly destroyed has to become the subsequent constant purpose. Development of options of preservation of mankind on a case of possible accident, maintenance of existence of the sun in parameters, necessary for mankind.

To stop ruthless production of natural resources. The planet can just not sustain. Education in her huge cavities can lead to catastrophic consequences. She already strenuously warns us, and all of us don’t hear.

To concentrate efforts on forecasting and according to the prevention and prevention of technogenic and natural disasters and cataclysms.






Free medical care.

The people, looking at the fattening top, tries not to lag behind and hapnut more here and now and unimportant in what way, completely losing human shape.

In the country with the richest natural resources, the most part of the population lives in full poverty, in a condition of a full hopelessness.

In sport – any legionaries, only citizens of the state, and not new, and been born in this state, differently it is not a national team and can’t represent the state, and only a personal record of the subject.

Apartments to veterans — who hasn’t managed to receive that let sleeps peacefully? Have to compensate to all veterans (who have already died – to their relatives who didn’t receive the apartment, or I was under construction at own expense (it isn’t necessary to be frightened, such it will be gathered not so much).

To unite all scientific researches of all states.

Association of efforts in development of science and equipment.

Adjustable population.

Chechnya didn’t become closer, it became cleverer. Does the things at the expense of Russia.

To declassify all materials – the general access. The fact that one people (management) from others hide (people) can’t be confidential, including itself having on it some there someone the rights granted by him (to ask, of course, the people there is no sense as the answer is obvious).

Those who doesn’t want to work for the state should learn to work and feed themselves, but not to demand work from the state.

The president shouldn’t rush about, he has to think.

Putin any more not the fact that was twelve years ago, but this time is already lost forever. Strengthening of military power of separately taken state which will lead to race of arms and finally confrontation with other states sooner or later remains the main mistake.

It is clear, that the political top won’t receive with open arms. It will be necessary to approve the situation to influence a situation.

This program not dogma – it is necessary to make all offers and decisions to discussion.

This, of course, not all offers, but on them it is possible to judge adequacy and prospects of the solution of other existing and arising problems.

Not all program, and highlights on which you can judge further prospects, prospects of the solution of the problems existing and arising in the future.

It is necessary to count and predict a situation, then you will be stronger than it.

There is no need someone to disperse, to clean ranks, new people all the same won’t come. It is necessary to work with those to whom I have come. There is no bad relationship, there is the wrong approach to people.

To propose the solutions who doesn’t agree – reason. The main thing — the correct result, and the correct result – general wellbeing.


It is clear, that such measures unpopular, but I don’t hide them that then it hasn’t turned out that we didn’t expect it.

Of course, it is not all actions, but on them you can judge (to draw a conclusion) the direction of further activity.

Perhaps, it is already known thoughts, I won’t argue. It isn’t important, important to realize them.

In anger we are terrible, but in effect we are kind people. It is necessary to operate the emotions.








I apologize, the program is a little chaotic, but the main ideas, I hope, are clear. Soon I will edit, I will lay out more harmonous option.

Yours faithfully Topalov N. N.


Inside something has moved?     Think!





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